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For research on businesses for high-net-worth individuals, leave it to us, which has its own network of high-net-worth clients! Our strength is our unique research that will take your business to the next level!

Do you have any of these problems?

  1. We want to create a service for the wealthy, but we don’t have the network to conduct a needs assessment…
  2. We want to have our services evaluated by actual HNWIs…
  3. I want quantitative evaluations from a large number of wealthy people…

Our company will solve your problem!

Our strengths are…

  • Direct access to high net worth Japanese clients → Very competitive in recruiting
  • Extensive experience in HNW research both in Japan and overseas
  • Depending on the orientation, we can propose a methodology design for wealth research in Japan.

Some of our services are…

  • Qualitative research
    Qualitative research aims to gain a deeper understanding of the consumer psychology of affluent consumers.Through individual interviews and focus groups, we explore how participants feel about products and services and what experiences they value.
    This allows us to capture in detail their motivations for action and decision-making processes.This approach is particularly useful for pre-market evaluations of new products and services or for improving existing offerings.
    It provides valuable insights for crafting marketing strategies that adapt to the unique lifestyles and values of affluent consumers, helping brands to sustain their competitive advantage.

    1. feature:
      1. Small sample size (10 is typical for affluent research)
      2. Questions are atypical (mainly open-ended questions) and flexible
      3. Long interview time per person (usually about 1 hour)
    2. case:Please refer here
  • Quantitative survey
    Quantitative research involves collecting large amounts of data and using statistical analysis to understand the market trends and consumption patterns of affluent consumers.
    The most common specific methods are online or mail surveys, which gather objective data based on defined variables.From this data, it is possible to quantitatively assess the size of demand for a particular product or service, the growth potential of the market, and the characteristics of target customers.
    This information can then be used directly to plan marketing strategies, product development, and promotional activities to ensure an efficient and effective approach.

    1. Features:
      1. Large sample size (usually 100 or more) *However, it is not easy to find 100 or more survey targets in affluent research
      2. Conducted using standardized questionnaires (mainly choice-answer type questions)
      3. Can be answered in a short period of time
    2. case:Please refer here
  • Mystery Shopping
    Mystery shopping is a technique used to evaluate service quality and identify areas for improvement in customer service.An anonymous researcher visits a store as an actual customer and evaluates the quality of service, the responsiveness of employees, and the condition of product displays.
    This feedback is extremely valuable, especially in industries with high levels of customer contact, and can directly lead to standardization of service and improved employee training.
    For companies targeting affluent customers, this approach is critical to improving customer satisfaction and strengthening brand loyalty.

    1. Features:
      1. Recruiting the most suitable person from among our 6,600 high net worth clients
      2. Utilizing our wealth of knowledge and expertise in high-net-worth marketing and high-net-worth business for more than 10 years
  • Ethnographic Research
    Ethnographic research closely follows the daily lives of affluent people and examines their behaviors, habits, and cultural backgrounds in detail.
    In this approach, we accompany our research subjects in their daily lives over an extended period of time and collect data through observation and interviews.
    This deep insight directly helps us understand the real needs and desires of consumers and develop products and services based on them.
    It is also extremely useful in developing marketing strategies that are rooted in the daily lives of customers, and is especially valuable when targeting niche market segments.
    The survey is also well suited for capturing trends in consumer behavior in specific cultures and regions.
  • Our experience and knowledge of our unique network of high net worth individuals provides us with an advantage.Contact us for more information.We will be happy to provide you with a research plan tailored to your business needs.


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